Saviano’s – Established in 1992

Named after a small town 20 miles outside of Naples, Italy, Saviano’s Italian Restaurant first originated in a 1200 square foot shopping center in Long Island, New York. Back then, it was known as Village Pizza. As demand quickly grew, the Alfieri family moved to a larger location and changed the name to Alfieri Brothers’ Pizzeria. Again the demand started to outgrow the size of the restaurant and forced another move to a larger side of the center where they have remained since 1991.

The following year, Saverio Alfieri decided to head south and expand the family business by opening a location in North Texas.  Since then, Saverio and his two sons, Anthony and Giacomo, have managed to create one of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s best kept secrets.

The Alfieri family has and will continue to serve authentic Italian recipes perfected by Grandma Alfieri herself.